Hooray Ranch is the Premier Upland Preserve Pheasant Hunting Experience in Wichita and Kansas. The hunts at Hooray represent a true commitment to excellence with an authentic passion for wing shooting. Once you finish walking the fields, end the afternoon by shooting some clays, sipping on a whisky, and reminiscing about your day in the field. With our preserve license we have many openings and flexible ways to accommodate any group.

Traditional Upland Hunt

When the leaves start to change, that means its time to gather the bird dogs and head out pheasant hunting. With highly managed habitat and world class bird dogs, the traditional upland hunt at Hooray Ranch is as good as it gets.

European Tower Shoot

Nested in a grove of 100 year old cotton wood trees, the European Tower Shoot is a one-of-a-kind experience. The tower, being one of the center pieces of the ranch, offers an amazing hang out spot after your hunt.

Quail Walk

We took scenarios you’d see in quail, pheasant, and duck hunting and combined it with sporting clays. Its not uncommon to shoot 8 boxes of shells and have lots of lifelike wing shooting while having a good time with friends or family.



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