Waterfowl Experience

Thousands of Mallards. Backpedaling in the decoys. Maple leafing from a thousand feed up. Witness the unbelievable Central Kansas hunts from Hooray Ranch.

Upland Experience

Journey to Hooray Ranch to experience a once in a lifetime upland hunt. An unbelievable time to enjoy great shots, great stories, and a little friendly compitition.

Turkey Experience

With turkey populations at an all time high there is no better time to come to Kansas. An extremely high success rate combined with 5 star accommodations makes Hooray one of the premier Turkey experiences in the country.

Aerial Reel

A duck’s eye view of Hooray Ranch and all the amazing places that get visited during the season.

Hooray & Beretta Event

Beretta came to Hooray Ranch for a special corporate event to showcase and entertain a large group of dealers. The special event featured the finest Beretta shotguns being tested in the field. Events at Hooray Ranch can be anything you imagine.

The Hooray Campus

The Hooray Ranch campus spans across 6 stunning buildings. Including the 10,000 square foot, Mallard Mansion. And the recently finished 15,000 square foot centerpiece for the property, The Refuge. It is no doubt that your stay at the Hooray Ranch will an experience that you will remember forever.

Land Management

Even more amazing than the structures at Hooray is the land management program that is utilized on more than 20,000 acres across. The land is managed to benefit the wildlife through the entire year. It is a true testament of Eric Dunn giving back to the land the makes Hooray the place it is.

The Beginning Summer 2013

Hooray Ranch as it is today was built on a piece of property where only a few old farm remnants used to stand.  Mallard Mansion was the first of many buildings in the Hooray Campus. The Dunn family set out using reclaimed barnwood and stones to create a landmark in Central Kansas that will last generations.



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